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Matt's talks help keep my residents alert and interested in the world around them. So many of them feel cut off from a society that they were once actively involved in. Matt's talks bring a little of that world into their lives, in a witty and knowledgable manner.

His lively conversations with the residents give them a chance to share some of their valuable experiences with a sympathic listener. Even better, after he leaves, they talk amongst themselves, sharing their stories and learning things about each other that they never would have otherwise. Every time Matt comes, the first thing they ask me is, "When can he come back?"

-Martha Worts, Social Coordinator, Grand Wood Park Retirement Residence.

"I really like the way he speaks to us."

"He talks about it all without any hesitation at all. I love it!"

"He can come back and speak any time."

"Very articulate views on timely topics. "

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