APRIL, 2009

National Post: Save a Life, Hide the Starter’s Pistol

FrontPage Magazine: Obama’s Hostage Crisis

National Post: America’s Limited Options in Pakistan

National Post: Pirates Deserve Justice, Not Freedom

National Post: The Many Fools of Facebook

National Post: Blockade Somalia and Send in the Choppers

National Post: Life Lessons Amidst the Rubble

National Post: After Lunch We’ll Discuss the Hungry

National Post: A Dangerous Case of People Helping Themselves

National Post: North Korea – Who Needs Success When Failures Achieve So Much?

National Post: North Korea’s Crafty Kim Launches New Brinkmanship Season

MARCH, 2009

National Post: Gordon Brown Bombs on Nukes

The Hill Times: Conservatives Should Recommit to Rebuilding Canadian Forces (Subscription Required)

National Post: What’s Wrong With American Programming on the CBC?

Toronto Sun: Conservatives’ Attack on Harper Most Unfair

National Post: Defeating the Taliban May Be Impossible. It’s Also Unnecessary

National Post: The Next Election Ad War May Look Like the Attack of the Doublemint Twins


National Post: Ontario’s Paternalistic Premier Forces Energy Audits on the Children

National Post: Police in Schools – A Program That Works. It Must Be Stopped!

National Post: Anti-Semitism at York University

National Post: The Russian Threat is Back

National Post: Ontario’s Paternal Premier Sees the Light, One Global Economic Meltdown Too Late


National Post: York University’s Federation of Students Who Agree With Us

National Post: Toronto Wants Its Share of the Budget Pronto, With No Strings Attached

National Post: Booze Laws Fail Sobriety Test

National Post: What Happens When Obama is Forced to Drop Some Bombs?

National Post: NDP Careful to Guard Its Budget Irrelevance

National Post: The Real-Life Recession  Hits Home

National Post: A UN Force in Gaza – It Won’t Happen, and Here’s Why

National Post: The Impossibility of a Proportional Response in Gaza


National Post: Tories Barely Survive Their Own Successes

National Post: Queen’s Thought Police Start Racking Up Victims

National Post: Misguided Justice in the Case of Adam Walsh

National Post: Senate Seats on Sale in Aisle Five –¬† Canadian or American, Take Your Pick

National Post: Would Everyone Who Voted for the Coalition Step to the Front of the Room, Please

National Post: Night of the Living Dion

National Post: A War That Can Still Be Won

National Post: Liberals ‘Not Used to Being in Opposition.’ Maybe They Should Learn.

National Post: Opposition Parties Want to Spend $30 Billion to Mask Their Anger Over $30 Million


National Post: California’s Gay Marriage Vote Sparks Retribution


National Post: No One ‘Needs’ a Gun. And No One ‘Needs’ an iPod.

AUGUST, 2008

National Post: Canada’s Navy Dodges a Bullet

National Post: The Race Between Firepower and Armour

National Post: Lessons of a Prague Spring

National Post: Canadians Wounded in Afghanistan – The Other Side of Medical Advances

National Post: Putin’s Georgia Gambit Revives Politics Soviet-style

National Post: Blowing Pirates from the Sea, the Peaceful Way

National Post: Canada Has No Way of Identifying Things That Go ‘Boom’ in the Night

JUNE, 2008

National Post: If Only There Were More Kennedys So Canada Could Have Some, Too

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